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Electrical Installations & Maintenance
Our team of experts are ever ready to assist you in your electrical installation works.
HV/MV Lines Installation
Solar Panel Installations
Hardworking & Meticulous Staff
Our team is very dedicated and committed to the work they do. Making sure every project is finished within the stipulated time.
Civil & Mechanical Engineering
CEO and Technical Director
Committed to Providing all your Electrical needs with excellence.
IT Administrator
Competent and hardworking IT Professional.
Providing excellence for our client at Kwaso
Premium Good Project at Kwaso
PPA Kwaso Project Phase 1
Satisfying our client
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Men at work at Kwaso
Competent Engineers at work



C-ELECT Ghana Ltd is a company that represents unique services for construction and Mining, in its field of operation. We are in full services of machines and labor rentals for process controls, projects construction and maintenance (Refurbishment).

What we offer


Electrical & Instrumentation

We have significant experience in delivering complete electrical and instrumentation projects to major operators in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Civil & Mechanical

Plant Mechanical Engineering,Pipe Fitting,Fabrication and Erection

The Civil & Mechanical section is responsible for the design and implementation of long lasting projects.

Electrical & Mechanical Supplies

Supply of Electrical & Mechanical Equipments

Along with the electrical equipment, we can also provide you with a wide range of mechanical equipment that is required in almost every process,  industry

Hardwork and honesty is our golal

Full Supply of labour in :

We are in supply of the following skilled of labour in Electrical & Instrumentation,Plant Mechanics,Welding fabricators,Pipe Filters,fabrication and Erection



Welding & Fabrication

C-ELECT offers welding and fabrication services for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and exotic metals.  


Programmable Logic Controls(PLC)

Automation systems such as assembly systems, conveyor systems, dispensing systems, inspection systems are done by our team.

Building of Roads and Factory Yards Demarcations Networks

Building of Roads and Factory Yards Demarcations Networks

We are also into Building of Roads and Factory Yards Demarcations Networks.

Latest Projects

electrical expansion works at Edikan Mine
Water treatment plant (Edikan mine)