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We are committed to implementing and taking pragmatic measures to control the impact in our environment. The company will take every step to maintain and implement a system that will manage the environment through all operations whilst carrying out construction activities that will allow us to realize our policy.

C-Elect Ghana Ltd will take an active part in protecting the environment thus:

  • Complying with all relevant laws, legislation, regulation, standards and implementing international practice to preserve the environment.
  • Communicating environmental issues with employees and affected parties to promote culture of continual environmental awareness enhancement.
  • Provide information on potential exposures that may affect the environment.
  • Communicating of environmental issues between employees and community
  • Monitoring the company‚Äôs compliance with this policy through the internal and external monthly inspection as well as Management review.
Maintain a Clean Environment
  • Attitude, commitment and co-operation of every C-ELECT Ghana Ltd project employee ensures that the required environmental standards are achieved and breaches eliminated.
  • The managing director is committed and has empowered all employees to make the achievement of this policy a Personal responsibility in their area of operation.