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Health & Safety

Our health and safety policy provides the information for the company’s commitment to improve health and safety issues.

To achieve this we will ensure:

  • That the company will review all aspects of its operation for the purpose of further enhancement of safety and health standards over and above any requirement where the benefits of such improvement bear a reasonable relationship to their cost
  • That the employees have been provided personal protective equipment(PPE’s) which are recommended for the particular environment
  • That the company will comply with laws and legislative requirement, regulations standards and Acts.
  • That communication on safety and health issues are open to all employees and Stakeholders.
Workers in their PPEs
  • That all levels of management are responsible for preventing injuries and illness. Management is also responsible for:​
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Training employees on safe working practice
  • Complying with the client’s policy.
  • Provide information to employees on potential hazards in the work place and potential exposure that may affect their health.
  • Full tolerance for the implementation of standards and procedures in our field of operation. Thus C-ELECT Ghana employee who ignores the health and safety policy, adopt or Practice any unsafe act will summarily be dismissed.